What’s next for Donald Trump and the GOP?

Donald Trump exits a tunnel with an American flag behind him.

Professor Zachary Albert, an expert on political campaigns, partisan polarization, and public policy-making, analyzes the midterms and looks ahead.  More »

The Delta Scholars Program: A lifechanging trip to the Mississippi Delta

Houses along the Mississippi Delta

Through a trip to the Mississippi Delta, Leeza Barstein ’23 and Maya Subramanian ’25 observed the legacy of slavery in the region, connected with the communities still affected, and also discovered steps they could take to bring change to their own backyard.  More »

Who’s giving Americans spiritual care? As congregational attendance shrinks, it’s often chaplains

Chaplain Kevin Deegan hugs registered nurse Connie Carrillo

Today’s chaplains are diverse and serve people from all backgrounds, including those with no affiliation, graduate school dean Wendy Cadge says. More »