Brandeis Magazine has rare Beatles photographs

Spring issue is on campus and online

The cover story features photographer Henry Grossman ’58, whose genuine friendship with the Fab Four gave him unique access to their daily lives, captured in some 6,000 rare photos he squirreled away — until now.

Afghan Hoop Dreams,” by Peretz Partensky ’03, delves into Partensky’s improbable experiences coaching a ragtag basketball team in a Kabul tournament teeming with ethnic tensions, social conflict and warring political agendas.

Interested in where the next pandemic could start? Check out “The Virus Hunter,” a profile of veterinarian/epidemiologist Jonathan Epstein ’96, who tracks lethal zoonotic viruses threatening to spill over from bats to humans.

This Guy Is Laowai Style” follows Fulbrighter Jesse Appell ’12 on his comedic escapades in Beijing, where he has become a Chinese media sensation.

You’ll also find other news and stories about students, faculty, alumni, and the arts and sciences, including profiles of Adam Cheyer ’88, the creator of Apple’s digital assistant Siri; and Christie Hefner ’74, former CEO of Playboy Enterprises. A poignant essay by Arthur Fleischmann ’84 recounts how his severely autistic daughter, against all odds, found her voice.

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