The Brandeis campus is operating in a reasonably efficient manner given the significant impacts of Blizzard Nemo.

While snow has been removed from the primary roadways and parking lots, most sidewalks, walkways and building entrances are not yet completely clear of ice and snow, and objects below the surface may not be readily apparent. Facilities Services personnel will spend the next 24 hours managing the snow and ice conditions throughout campus. We ask that students and employees use caution when outside, do not walk in the streets (if at all possible), and yield to snow removal vehicles.

At this time, Brandeis University plans to resume normal operations on Monday, February 11.

Parking & Transportation

  • Students are reminded to park only in their assigned parking lots.
  • Although Governor Patrick‘s driving ban has been lifted, please use caution if you need to travel.
  • MBTA service remains suspended.
  • University shuttle buses are operating limited service routes.

Additional Information

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