Student in Sustainable International Development Program works in Bolivia

Rachel Satterlee, a graduate student in Brandeis University’s Sustainable International Development Program, is completing a six-month work practicum at the Unidad Académica Campesina-Carmen Pampa (UAC-CP). The UAC-CP is a unique college in rural Bolivia that is dedicated to providing higher education and leadership opportunities for indigenous youth.
Satterlee is developing and implementing a survey for alumni at the Bolivian college. The survey will focus on capturing information about postgraduate work and income, as well as ask graduates about their experience studying at the UAC-CP.
Results of the survey will help the college’s Minnesota-based fundraising partner Carmen Pampa Fund effectively measure the impact of the college. Some of Satterlee’s work was already featured in an article she wrote for Global South Development Magazine’s October 2012 edition, which is available for viewing online.
Saterlee says, “I am grateful to be working on a project that will assess how the college has affected the lives of its graduates and how the college is achieving sustainable development through the empowerment of rural young Bolivians, whose studies are helping to address the most pertinent needs of their communities."
The UAC-CP generates social and economic change through community-centered education, research, and extension projects.  Recognized by the United Nations and the Bolivian government as an award-winning model for the eradication of poverty, the College educates young men and women in one of the poorest areas of South America.
More information about the college can be found on Carmen Pampa Fund’s website.

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