Medicine Wheel Productions to honor Cohen

Cynthia Cohen

For years, Michael Dowling heard about Cynthia Cohen, director of Brandeis’ program in Peacebuilding and the Arts. Every where he went, from downtown Boston to the border of Northern Ireland, he was asked, “Do you know Cynthia?”

Dowling is the artistic director and founder of the nonprofit Medicine Wheel Productions, which is dedicated to building communities and promoting justice through public art. When he finally met Cohen three years ago, it was like meeting “a long-lost sister,” Dowling recalled. 

Dowling will honor Cohen for her work exploring the intersection of art and peace with his organization’s Medicine Woman Award on June 5 in South Boston. 

“We wanted to honor someone who takes a leap to use the arts in order to have a cultural impact,” said Dowling. “Whose work has an impact that is lasting and meaningful and that’s Cynthia.”

Cohen, who teaches at the undergraduate and graduate levels, has written extensively on coexistence, reconciliation and peace building. She has worked with communities in the Middle East, Sri Lanka and Central America. Cohen is the first Brandeis professor to be honored by Medicine Wheel Productions in its 13-year history.

For more information on the event, contact Michael Dowling or call 617-268-6700.

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