Brandeis staff and faculty are running for good

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From left, Breda O'Connor, Monika Bach Shroeder and Matt Callahan '12

Members of the Brandeis community will be running in the 118th Boston Marathon on Monday, April 21. A few of them shared their thoughts with BrandeisNow about their motivation for being part of this year’s marathon.

Monika Bach Schroeder
Assistant director of marketing and communications, The Hiatt Career Center

I am running this year because Boston is my home, and the Boston Marathon has been a symbol of strength and achievement for 118 years. The events that took place last year were unfathomable, and anyone who has ever run this marathon or come together on Patriot’s Day to cheer, felt the tragedy deeply. I am personally committed to keeping our community “Boston Strong,” and am proudly running in support of the b.good Family Foundation, as a member of the Burger Brigade. Founded on the principle that every day people inherently want to be good, the b.good Family Foundation’s mission is to use microgrants to enable individuals to make positive change in our community.

I am inspired by the Brandeis community’s commitment to social justice. Students, staff, alumni and families don’t just talk about it — they enable good things to happen on campus and around the world.   

Max EhrsamMax Erhsam
Lecturer in Spanish, Hispanic studies

I remember the first time I ran a marathon — the amazing feeling of accomplishment and validation that changed my life forever. I’m running the Boston Marathon for all the people who last year trained for their first long-distance race, but were robbed of the life-changing experience that comes with crossing that finish line.

Much like Brandeis, distance running embraces democracy and pluralism. Almost anyone can run a marathon with the right mindset, a little ambition and the proper training. Furthermore, this year’s race will bring to the city of Boston a sense of social justice, which is also at the core of the university's mission.

Matt Callahan ’12
Club sports coordinator, Department of Athletics

I am running the Boston Marathon in honor of my cousin, Marc Fucarile, who is a survivor of last year’s attacks. Marc lost his right leg, broke several bones in his left leg, and suffered burns all over his body. I have pledged to run this year’s marathon in order to raise awareness of Marc’s story and to raise funds to help pay his medical bills and support his fiancée, Jenn, and their six-year-old son, Gavin.

As a member of the Brandeis community for the last six years, I have witnessed students, staff and faculty give back to different causes and charities, and yet, I never had the chance to actively participate. This commitment to give back is ingrained in the Brandeis student body, and those who have generously supported this cause have inspired me.

Breda O’Connor
Aquatics director, assistant men’s and women’s swim coach

I have only missed one Boston Marathon in my entire life. Each year, my family and I stand at mile 21 offering oranges, ice, or whatever else is needed. I have always wanted to run Boston, and after hearing Boston Marathon bombing survivor Marc Fucarile’s story, I knew I had to do something. I am running because I can’t think of a better year, a better city or a better reason to run.

In my short time at Brandeis, I have come to appreciate the student, staff and faculty drive towards excellence. Through their own endeavors and reaching out to others, on the playing field or in the classroom, Brandeis embraces excellence both on campus and in the community. Not only am I achieving a long-standing personal goal, I am helping Marc and his family in a time of great need.

How to help

To learn more about the b.good Family Foundation and Monika Bach Schroeder’s participation, please visit:

To learn more about Miles for Marc, and Breda O’Connor and Matt Callahan’s participation, please read “Brandeis staff to run Boston Marathon for bombing victim” or visit the Miles for Marc fundraising website.

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