Students return to modernized Foster Mods

Ribbon cutting ceremony commemorates the renovation of upper classmen residence halls

Photo/Mike Lovett

The newly renovated Foster Mods were officially unveiled on Tuesday, Sept. 2 at a ribbon cutting ceremony. Mohamed Sidique ’15 and Kelsey Segaloff ’15, Foster Mods community advisers, and Senior Vice President of Students and Enrollment Andrew Flagel welcomed the 182 residents. They also introduced Department of Community Living Director Timothy Touchette, who recently joined Brandeis, and his staff before cutting the ribbon.

Renovations of the Foster Mods began in mid-May, soon after last year’s seniors left campus following graduation. Improvements were made to the residence halls’ exteriors and interiors, including installing colorful paneling on the outside of the residence halls and updating the living space with new bed frames, desks, refrigerators, stoves, and carpeting. This was the first major renovation of the Foster Mods, which were originally built in 1973.  

“Before these wonderful renovations, if you lived in the Mods or went there to visit friends or to attend a Mod ‘soiree’, you know that the look was very different, the feel was very different inside and out,” said Flagel. “The workers did an amazing job that has dramatically enhanced the experience of living in the Mods.”

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