New science and research blog brings Brandeis science out of the lab

Photo/Mike Lovett

A novel light microscope built by the Gelles Lab

How do you engineer an artificial cell? What’s it like to be an undergraduate scientist working in the lab of a leading researcher? Why are more women than ever before becoming chemists?
These are a few of the questions explored in ReAction, a new science and research blog being launched today by the Office of Communications. Featuring videos, stories and photography, along with guest posts from students, faculty and alumni, ReAction is the place to learn about what’s hot — and cool — in Brandeis research. Explore the culture of Brandeis labs, meet the people behind the discoveries, and investigate current issues in science such as diversity and fraud.
This week, ReAction includes stories about physics professor Zvonimir Dogic’s groundbreaking research into artificial cells, recently featured on the cover of Science. Abby Knecht ’15 has a few wise words for Brandeis undergrads wondering what it’s like to undertake original research. And even if you haven’t felt the thrill of discovery yourself, you’ll relate to chemistry professor Christine Thomas’ recollections about growing up loving science.
Visit ReAction for your weekly Brandeis science fix.

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