Brandeis Study Abroad: Where will you go?

Students use the chance to travel and go to school overseas to learn about the world – and themselves

“I truly learned so much, I feel like part of me is still there,” says Hannah Marion ’16, who spent last semester studying in Havana, Cuba.

About 40 percent of Brandeis students go away their junior year, choosing from among more than 300 study-abroad programs in 64 countries. Programs are available throughout the year, offering classroom study, career-oriented internships, volunteer experiences and field research.

Kevin Dupont ’16 plans to enter the Foreign Service as a result of his internship experience at the United Nations Office at Geneva. “Not many kids at 20 can say they had a UN badge,” he notes.

There are also opportunities for science students to explore careers in ways not always possible in the United States. “In Denmark you actually learn directly from the doctors,” says pre-health student Annie Kim ’16. “I got to actually see what I could be doing in the future.”

In addition to the three Brandeis-led programs in India, Italy, and the Netherlands, the roster of destinations continues to grow: Brandeis now has agreements with universities in Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore.

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