Brandeis increases campus minimum wage, in top tier for universities nationally

Brandeis university campus entrancePhoto/Mike Lovett

Brandeis University has approved a campus minimum wage of $15.05 per hour for full-time employees of the university, an action that is a clear testament its institutional values. This puts Brandeis in the top tier of minimum wage rates at colleges and universities across the country.

“Brandeis has always had a deep and storied connection to social justice” said Lisa M. Lynch, provost and senior vice president for academic affairs. “While our commitment to providing our employees a fair and competitive compensation dates back to our founding, formally establishing a campus minimum wage is significant because it codifies our standard practice into a written policy.”

Virtually all of Brandeis’ full-time, non-union employees currently earn an hourly wage that exceeds the newly created campus minimum wage. The new campus minimum wage, however, will enable the university to ensure that all such current and future employees earn a wage that does not fall below this minimum.

Brandeis will annually review the campus minimum wage to ensure it meets or exceeds the economic-independence wage for Waltham, as determined by the Economic Independence Calculator.

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