Lynch appoints Presidential Task Force on Campus Sustainability

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Underscoring Brandeis’ commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, Interim President Lisa Lynch has convened a 25-member Presidential Task Force on Campus Sustainability and empowered them to create a strategy and implement a plan to make the campus more environmentally sound.

"Improving our environmental sustainability is of the utmost importance, and we must act now," Lynch said. "Our resolve to become a more sustainable institution honors our past and will be a point of pride in our future.”

The task force is charged with refreshing the university's climate action plan, created in 2009, with specific goals and objectives to reduce the university’s carbon footprint. In the process, the task force will explore options for renewable energy, opportunities to significantly reduce electricity and natural gas use on campus, and to improve the university’s recycling rate.

To tackle these issues, the task force established subcommittees on the climate action plan, recycling and waste reduction, and communication and education. The task force began meeting in October and will deliver a new climate action plan to Interim President Lynch in January 2016.

The task force mandate includes:

  • Develop goals and objectives to better serve Brandeis’ social justice mission through sustainability, including reducing our carbon footprint
  • Identify the areas that will have the most significant impact on the environment, and form focus teams that will propose solutions and short and long term implementation plans
  • Recommend campus sustainability policies
  • Champion sustainability initiatives and promote a culture of sustainability on campus

The members of the task force represent all sectors of campus, including students, faculty, and staff. The task force is co-chaired by Matt Smetana '17, Sabine von Mering, professor of German, and women's, gender and sexuality studies, and James Gray, vice president for campus operations.

Student members are: Sophie Freije ’17; Teleah Slater ’16; Ray Trott ’16; and graduate students Stephen Alkins, Roger Perez, Pallavee Panchal, and Philip Wight.

Faculty members are:  Laura Goldin, professor of the practice of environmental studies; Dan Perlman, professor of biology and environmental studies; Eric Olson, senior lecturer at the Heller School; Cameron Anderson, assistant professor of theater arts; Paul Miller, associate professor of biology; Judith Herzfeld, professor of biophysical chemistry; and Carol Osler, professor of finance at Brandeis IBS.

Staff members are:  Bill Bushey, energy manager; Mary Fischer, sustainability manager; Bob Avalle, executive director of facilities services; Jamele Adams, dean of students; Peter Giumette, senior advisor to the president; Dan Feldman, vice president for planning and institutional research; Kate Salop, senior administrative dean at Brandeis IBS; and Jarret Bencks, news and communications specialist.

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