Nyah Macklin '16 leads and unites the Brandeis community with her voice

Proud and ready to lead: meet the new president of the Student Union

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Nyah Macklin '16

Nyah Macklin ‘16 has always used her voice to empower others.
Her sophomore year, during a performance night at Chum’s Coffeehouse, she sang a duet with a friend who was too timid to stand on stage alone. In a teary-eyed exchange later that night, the friend told Macklin that her being there not only provided confidence, but it also helped the student turn the page on being afraid to sing solo.
Macklin, a self-described activist for positive change in the community, is also using her voice as president of the Brandeis Student Union to encourage her fellow students to help make the world a better place.
“I care deeply about the students,” said Macklin, who is from New Haven, Connecticut, and majors in African and Afro-American Studies. “But I want to really push them to engage with the community and to take action by creating the change they want to see in society.”
As Student Union president this year, Macklin is dedicated to improving the overall sense of community for all students by combatting marginalization in society that is based on race, sexual orientation, socio-economic background or religion. She believes by bringing students together across these divides, the university can stand united on larger issues in society.
Macklin also is focused improving transparency within the Student Union. She has created the position of director of communications on the union’s executive board to facilitate consistent and effective dialogue between its branches. In addition, Macklin has worked with a number of students and administrators to analyze the use of student funds. She wants to increase transparency with the funds allocation process at the union level and at the university level.
Despite her busy schedule, Macklin also works two on-campus jobs. She is a senior interviewer in the Office of Admissions, and a student worker in the Intercultural Center. While she is no longer a member of Company B, one of the many a cappella groups at Brandeis, she can still be found belting out Beyoncé’s “I was Here,” like she did at a Student Support Services event last year. Macklin is known for her uncanny wordsmithing talent as a slam poet and for her velvety-smooth ability to sing R & B, ballads and 1940s and 50s classics.
Macklin says she is particularly proud to be part of the Brandeis community. She transferred to Brandeis from Goucher College before her sophomore year for the academics, as well as the students’ and the administration’s commitment to facilitating positive social change. As the first member of her family to attend college, she’s especially passionate about using the enrichment the Brandeis experience provides to make a meaningful contribution to the world.
“I am so totally and completely honored to have been chosen to represent my peers,” said Macklin, reflecting on her role as Student Union president. “I take this position very seriously, because I see the potential Brandeis has to become even better than it is. And I know that with the help of my colleagues and those who are my senior, we can come together and realize that potential.”

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