Brandeis offers heavenly produce through Rooftop Farm CSA

Student-run farm celebrates urban agriculture

Photo/Julian Cardillo '14

Rooftop Farm

Think about this for a moment: deep red tomatoes that need nothing more than a pinch of salt; sweet, crunchy carrots that put their supermarket counterparts to shame; lettuce so crisp it makes you crave salad all day long, and rosemary so fragrant it begs to be paired with your favorite chicken recipe.

These edible delights are a small sampling of what will be available this summer and fall through the Brandeis Farmers Club’s community supported agriculture (CSA) program, open to faculty, staff and students. The Farmers Club’s 1,500 square-foot garden is located on top of the Shapiro Science Center.

From June to October, the roughly 25-week season features a moveable feast of crops. Early summer brings salad greens, kale and arugula, and herbs such as parsley, oregano, mint, rosemary and lavender. Strawberries offer a juicy treat bridging the spring and summer seasons. The long, hot days of midsummer yield basil, bok choy, zucchini, cucumbers, scallions and tomatoes. The cooler days of late summer usher in carrots, peppers, eggplant, potatoes, onions and Brussel sprouts.

Most of the Rooftop Farm’s produce goes to charities including the Salvation Army, Jewish Family and Children’s Service, Boston Area Gleaners and Grandma’s Pantry.

“I hope this will be a long-lasting part of campus and a place for people to be together, celebrate urban agriculture and learn where food comes from,” said Farmers Club president Jay Feinstein ’17.

“Here you can see the benefits of local agriculture and learn that produce doesn’t need to come from California when it can be grown right here, in our own backyard, in Waltham, on top of a roof at Brandeis University." 

The Brandeis Farmers Club offers two different services: half shares, which cost $200 for the whole season and feed two people per week, and full shares, which cost $400 and feed four. Sign up at

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