Redesigned Brandeis homepage goes live

Brandeis University has launched a redesigned homepage and related top-level pages for its website. This is the first phase of a larger Brandeis website redesign project, including redesigned standard university templates that will roll out over the year.

The new templates meet the demands of the mobile age. They have an uncluttered, modern design and are responsive, so they are easily viewed on a smartphone or tablet. The pages were also developed to ensure that visitors with disabilities can access our website content.

The new templates include larger fonts, integrate social and multimedia more effectively, and emphasize a content-focused approach that enhances search engine optimization.

The Brandeis community contributed valuable input that helped to shape the new design and features. Last year, the web team distributed a campus-wide survey asking respondents to evaluate potential website designs. The overwhelming favorite identified in the survey inspired the design launched today. Additionally, website editors and student, faculty and staff representatives from across campus participated in strategy sessions and contributed ideas for features built into the new templates.

The new website templates were developed by the Office of Communications, in partnership with Library and Technology Services. The project was supported by mStoner, a leading web strategy firm, and Hannon Hill, the developer of our content management system.

Visit the redesign website to learn more about the project.

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