Brandeis awards research leaves to senior faculty

Brandeis University has awarded four senior faculty research leaves for 2017-2018. These competitive awards provide tenured Arts and Sciences faculty with a non-teaching semester and research funds to allow them to focus on a scholarly or creative project. Faculty present a brief summary of the work accomplished at the end of the leave. Below are this year’s recipients and the titles of their projects:

Kerry Chase, Politics: American Democracy and the Birth of International Organizations. Chase will work toward writing and publishing two articles to form the basis of his third book project.

Elizabeth Ferry, Sociology: Ferry will use the award to continue research and writing on a book tentatively titled Tangible Assets: Gold as Material-Social Force in Finance and Mining.

Laura Quinney, English: Existential Alienation- the apprehension of consciousness that it is essentially alone, embedded in a surrounding that is indifferent at best, hostile at worst.

Jonathan Unglaub, Fine Arts: The award will enable Unglaub to complete his manuscript of Painting as Miraculous Birth: Raphael and the Renaissance Madonna.

Previous winners include:


Wendy Cadge

William Flesch

Harleen Singh

Palle Yourgrau



Charles Golden

Paul Jankowski

Charles McClendon

David Powelstock



ChaeRan Freeze

Steve Dowden

John Plotz

David Rakowski


Faith Smith

Caren Irr

Ellen Schattschneider

Govind Sreenivasan

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