Vineet Vishwanath ’18: Brandeis doesn’t mold you. It gives you the materials to mold yourself.

Learn about Vineet Vishwanath and his Brandeis journey.

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Vineet Vishwanath '18

Vineet Vishwanath ’18 toured 17 different schools but Brandeis stood out for him right from the start—which is why he returned to campus multiple times before deciding to make it his home for four years.

Now Vishwanath, who is originally from Bangalore, India but resides in Baldwin, New York, is basking in all that Brandeis has to offer. Vishwanath double-majors in Biology and Neuroscience, minors in French and Francophone studies and also serves as a Community Advisor and Orientation Leader.

BrandeisNOW caught up with Vineet to get his take on what makes Brandeis special.

How has Brandeis opened your mind?

Vishwanath: Brandeis has provided me with the necessary knowledge to be more courageous and brave to step out of my comfort zone. The first moment I got to campus, during my pre-orientation, I was told that life begins outside your comfort zone. I truly believe that Brandeis gives you all the support you need to jump out of your comfort zone and interpret things in your own way and add to existing knowledge. I feel like that’s what Brandeis truly is. Everyone here has a passion to add to what exists and to radically change everything that everyone has ever known. It’s both a conducive environment and an empowering one.

How will Brandeis help you make a difference?

Vishwanath: Brandeis has added a drive in me to help people, and not just for the sake of helping people. It’s about making a lasting change. It’s not about temporary fixes, it’s about the big picture and the bigger vision.

What’s been your most empowering moment outside the classroom?

Vishwanath: This semester, I had the opportunity to travel to Peru with FIMRC, which is the Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children. We worked with indigenous local communities and children to provide health awareness and health education. The experience really gave me more self-awareness. It was an amazing journey because I, as a person, a Brandeis student and science major, got to travel abroad and connect all the things that I never knew were missing in the first place.

How do you like to describe Brandeis to your friends and family back home?

Vishwanath: It’s not traditional. I was expecting a traditional, four-year college and then I got here and everything changed. The mood on this campus is so contagious. People really want to do things and it’s a place that encourages you to be your true self. I’ve never felt judged on campus, which says a lot, because we have a community of people from many different backgrounds and ideologies. Brandeis doesn’t mold you. It gives you the materials to mold yourself.

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