Brandeis faculty awarded tenure

Eleven members of the Brandeis University faculty have been awarded tenure status for accomplishments in their respective fields.

The awarding of tenure takes into account each candidate's demonstrated superior scholarship, research, creative activity and teaching. Professional activity, including service to the university, is also considered.

“Each of these individuals has proven their unquestionable scholarly merit and commitment to our academic community,” Provost Lisa Lynch said. “We look forward to Brandeis being their home for many years to come.”

An appointment with tenure makes an appointment to the faculty permanent. It is authorized by the provost, on the recommendation of the appropriate academic dean, and approved by the Board of Trustees.

The following professors were awarded tenure, effective July 1, 2017:

Stephen D. Van Hooser, associate professor of biology

Avital Rodal, associate professor of biology

Raphael Schoenle, associate professor of economics

Olivier Bernardi, associate professor of mathematics

Jennifer S. Marušić, associate professor of philosophy

Aparna Baskaran, associate professor of Physics

Jeronimo Arellano, associate professor of romance studies

Xing Hang, associate professor of history

Anna Scherbina, associate professor at the International Business School

Joel Christensen ’01, associate professor of classical studies

Sebastian Kadener, associate professor of biology

Along with the tenure appointees, Albion Lawrence was appointed to professor of physics from his previous position as associate professor.

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