Postdoc wins grant to research Lyme disease treatments

Postdoctoral fellow Yuko Nakajima will look at ways of combating the bacteria that causes the disease.

Bay Area Lyme Foundation, a nonprofit that funds Lyme disease research, gave the Laure Woods Emerging Leader Award to Nakajima, who works in the lab of Professor of Biology James Haber. The award comes with a $100,000 grant to investigate potential treatments to block immune evasion by the bacteria causing Lyme.

The Foundation announced the award at an event called LymeAid 2017 held in Portola Valley, California on May 21. Actor Alec Baldwin was the master of ceremonies. Singer and songwriter Kenny Loggins performed.

"While it is extremely disheartening to see the rise in tick-borne diseases across the U.S., we are encouraged by the involvement of more researchers in trying to solve the mysteries of this disease and growing awareness of the general public," Linda Giampa, executive director of Bay Area Lyme Foundation, said in a press release.


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