Summer issue of Brandeis Magazine is on campus and online

The newest issue is packed with topical stories on politics, science and culture

It’s time to put Brandeis Magazine at the top of your summer reading list.

The issue is packed with topical stories on politics, science and culture, not to mention a komishe mayseh about a Jew who, in a Brandeis class on European Jewry, finally learns a thing or two about his past.

Delve into the cover story and discover one of the most exciting research programs on campus. Scientists are creating “active matter” that could one day animate self-healing artificial organs, drug-delivery nanobots and self-mending clothes.

Interested in learning what alumni journalists at The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN and other leading media outlets have to say about the rise of fake news? Read the roundtable discussion in Arts and Culture.

And keep up with two alumni stars: leadership maven Simon Sinek ’95, who teaches employers and workers to find happiness at work by focusing on their “why”; and Melissa Gersin ’05, a nurse-turned-entrepreneur who is giving desperate parents a little R&R with a new baby product she spent years developing.

As always, you can catch up with friends and classmates in Class Notes, and keep abreast of campus news in the magazine’s Brandeis Brief department.

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