Anita Hill joins national conversation on sexual assault in CNN town hall

Brandeis University Professor Anita Hill participated in CNN's panel "Tipping Point: Sexual Harassment in America"

Brandeis University Professor Anita Hill participated in a panel hosted by CNN entitled "Tipping Point: Sexual Harassment in America" on Nov. 9, 2017.

Hill was joined on the panel by Gretchen Carlson, a former Fox News anchor, and New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. Alisyn Camerota, an anchor on CNN's "New Day," moderated the discussion.

“Sexual harassment and assault is something that happens to women of all races, all ages, all sizes, all backgrounds, all religions,” Hill said. “And until we can believe all women – every woman’s voice has value – none of us, really, will be seen as equal.”

Hill, who testified during a 1991 senate hearing that she was sexually harassed by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, also participated in the town hall's question and answer forum with audience members.

One participant, victims' rights attorney Carrie Goldberg, asked about Hill's personal experience of speaking out publicly against Thomas despite character attacks and skepticism from numerous detractors.

“Remember that sexual harassment or sexual assault is something that happened to you – it is not who you are,” said Hill. “You are bigger and more than that incident or that series of assaults that have occurred.

“If you reach back and know who you are, know your value, know your worth and surround yourself with people who know that and who love you, that’s one way to weather it,” Hill added. “Always believe in yourself and exclude those people who are the naysayers.”

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