Here are the numbers behind the record-breaking Class of 2022

Welcome Class of 2022

Brandeis University welcomed its newest community members to campus on Sunday, Aug. 26 for Move-in Day and the start of New Undergraduate Student Orientation.

Despite only just arriving, the new Brandeisians have already made history.

the class of 2022 has 909 students. There are also 14 valedictorians, 17 class presidents and 18 percent are first generation

With 907 first-years, the Class of 2022 is the largest incoming class in Brandeis history.

Of the 907 students, 14 were their high school's valedictorians while 17 were class presidents; the Class of 2022 also has an average high school GPA of 3.83. Additionally, 18 percent of the class are first generation college students.

Thirty-five transfer students also arrived on campus for orientation.

the class of 2022 comes from 38 states and 30 countries

The license plates on the cars that arrived on campus for Move-in Day tell the story.

Brandeis' newest family members come from all over. Domestically, the Class of 2022 hails from 38 U.S. states, plus Washington, D.C.

Massachusetts has the most representatives in the Class of 2022; New York, California, New Jersey and Connecticut have the second, third, fourth and fifth-most, respectively.

Additionally, the Class of 2022 is made up of students from 30 countries.

brandeis university orientation facts. There are 939 new students, 79 orientation leaders and 29 events

This year's orientation includes 29 fun activities and events that are designed to help the newest members of the Brandeis family learn about their university and one another.

In all, 94 orientation leaders (OLs), 77 community advisors (CAs) and dozens of administrative staff will help facilitate this year's orientation programming.

Fall classes start on Wednesday, Aug. 29.

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