Photos: BIMA visual arts students show off their work

Sophie K. of Irvine, Calif, stands in front of sketches she made.Photo/Ty Ueda

During this summer, I started playing with the various textures that can be achieved using different paintbrushes and palette knives. I grew to love impasto—thick oil paint—which allows me to sculpt in paint, creating a dynamic movement that flows throughout my whole painting. -Sophie K. of Irvine, Calif.

Students in BIMA, Brandeis' summer arts institute for high school students, hone their artistic skills, deepen their Jewish knowledge, and ask questions about their identity as young Jewish people committed to pursuing the arts.

BIMA offers four majors for students to focus on during the month-long institute: creative writing, music, theater and visual arts. Visual arts students work on individual projects and also come together collaboratively. Working in four groups, students were tasked with creating pieces of art to be displayed at Mayyim Hayyim, a mikveh in Newton. A mikveh is a type of bath that's used for certain Jewish rituals, and each of the student-created pieces aims to represent a different element of a mikveh's purpose.

In the slideshow above, visual arts students show off their work and describe what they've learned and made.


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