Xinyue Wang ’18: Brandeis was her gateway to a love for learning

The economics and computer science double-major says she has hardly experienced homesickness thanks to the warm welcome she felt once she arrived on campus.

Xinuye Wang '18Photo/Mike Lovett
Ever since a trip to California when she was 13, Xinyue “Cynthia” Wang ’18 knew she wanted to attend college in the U.S.

The Tianjin, China native was struck by the beautiful scenery on the west coast and was impressed by the kindness of the American people. Wang followed through on her desire to study in the U.S., and applied to Brandeis at the recommendation of a friend and after learning more about the university’s academics and social life.

Her undergraduate career nearly complete, the economics and computer science double major says she has hardly experienced homesickness thanks to the warm welcome she felt once she arrived on campus.

Wang participated in the Gateway Scholars program, which exposes non-native English speakers to the reading, writing and critical thinking skills they need to become successful students at Brandeis.

Today, she is headed to graduate school to study data science and hopes to analyze financial markets in the future.

When did you know Brandeis University was the right fit?

I had a friend who recommended Brandeis to me when I was applying for schools and she was a first year at the time. Learning about her experience was very important to me because coming to Brandeis was my first time leaving home. But when I arrived on campus it felt like the right place.

Brandeis has excellent people, great professors and great students. I think the university is like a home for me. It’s a very warm community. The professors here encourage me to do things I never could have imagined doing before. For example, the way the computer science faculty have taught me to apply the skills I’ve learned in a way that motivates me for what’s ahead.

What’s been your favorite class?

All my courses with Professor Tim Hickey have been great. He’s the person that got me into computer science in the first place; he was even the professor for my first computer science course at Brandeis. He doesn’t just teach us new things – he teaches us how to love what we learn. During his courses you learn practical skills, beyond what’s in the textbook. It makes you more interested in the topic.

What do you nerd out about?

I am in the Brandeis Traditional Music Club and I enjoy listening to and playing music there from all over the world with my friends. With my friends, we also go to the gym to work out. The Gosman Sports and Convocation Center has a lot of options. We like to lift weights, do the workout classes, and sometimes even play tennis.

What do you enjoy doing in Waltham?

Waltham has many good restaurants. I like going there with my friends when we get off campus. One place, Lizzy’s, has very good ice-cream. Actually, I still remember, right when I arrived on campus as a first-year, my orientation leader recommended Lizzy’s.

I had a great time the first time I went. I like their ginger flavor, which I had never tried before.

Who has been a mentor to you?

Vinodini Murugesan, the director of Gateway Programs. She really cares about students, it’s almost as if we’re her own family. As a Gateway Scholar, I can feel how much she cares. If I had to pick one moment when I felt Brandeis was home, it would be when I arrived on campus as a Gateway Scholar. This place just felt like it was my new home.

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