Not so random acts of kindness and expressions of thanks

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Left: Brendan Weintraub '16 and Hannah Brooks '16. Right: Screenshots of Institutional Advancement Zoom happy hours.

The Brandeis community, like many campuses nationwide, had to spring into action quickly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In a matter of weeks, courses moved online, more than 2,400 students moved off campus, and most faculty and staff began teaching and working remotely. Making these enormous changes quickly required logistical collaboration and effort from all quarters of the community.  

These sudden adjustments haven’t been easy, but along the way Brandeisians have shown kindness and generosity. Here are a few examples, submitted by individuals via email or social media, of how we have come together during this national crisis. 

I am the lucky recipient of so many expressions of caring and kindness during this stressful time. My neighbors that I only see in passing in our joint parking lot offer to exchange numbers, just in case I need anything. While our office is focused on helping students with their career development and offering our support, I have had students and young alumni send me messages to check in with me to see how I am adjusting to this transition. I'm certainly not surprised, but I am grateful.  — Lauren Dropkin, assistant director of advising, Hiatt Career Center

A special thanks to MTS team members Eli Jacobson (who came to my office) and Bo Kennedy (who came to my classroom) for going above and beyond to help me quickly learn Zoom as Brandeis rapidly transitioned online. Their knowledge, kindness and patience exemplify the best of Brandeis. — Sarah Elisabeth Curi, lecturer in Health: Science, Society and Policy

Needless to say, life has become stressful since the virus. Nevertheless, Ms. Jennifer Alex in your financial aid office was super nice and very caring. It was extremely difficult, financially, to secure means to get my son home. She said, “Do not worry, I’m placing his name on our list to get financial support." That took a ton of weight off my shoulders. Then we got off that sad subject and we started talking about happy things. She had me laughing. Please thank her for me. … [And] thank you to the people in charge of your emergency fund. They worked fast and efficiently. One thing I can truly say, Brandeis takes good care of their students and families. God bless. — Dinorah Perry, parent

I have seen a beautiful outpouring of support from Brandeis students, alumni, professors and the Waltham community coming together to create the Waltham Mutual Aid Network to connect people who are in need with those who can provide help during this time.  — Jonathan Goldman '19

Other alumni, who I've FaceTimed everyday and have helped [me] maintain sanity!  — Hannah Brooks '16

My teammates are all rallying and being here for each other. Happy to be working for 'Deis!  — Lindsay Roth, director of direct marketing and participation, institutional advancement

Stephanie Squire!! A true saint of admissions. — M.J Ibrahim '23 (Stephanie Squire is senior assistant director of admissions)

My boss and the entire Hiatt crew! Thanks Kristin for being the best throughout all of this!  — Max LeBlanc '22, Hiatt Career Center student worker

Dean Adams, for checking in on me when things were tough.  — Bethel Adekogbe '20

Colby Sim from DCS!! She has gone out of her way to support us in every possible way.  — Olivia Spelman '21

PARC, for their continuous support — Ali Hagani ’22 (PARC is the Prevention, Advocacy and Resource Center)

The Sherman dining hall crew for their smiles and kind words! — Nina Kumar '23

Jingwen from ISSO; she always seems to be reaching out at exactly the right time.  — Ameer Rayan ’22 (ISSO is the International Students and Scholars Office)

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