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The significant digits behind the university's health and safety protocols for the campus community this fall.

Back to campus by the numbers Brandeis

Brandeis University spent the spring and summer implementing comprehensive plans for a safe and successful campus experience for all this fall.

From signs and sanitizer to COVID-19 tests and Zoom, it’s a different campus this semester. But the community is still the same: vibrant, welcoming and diverse. Read more at Plans for Fall 2020.

Brandeis has 1,841 students living on campus this semester, including 767 students in the Class of 2024

To keep the community safely socially distanced, campus operations and facilities services installed hundreds of plexiglass barriers, assigned seating stickers, and applied physical distancing stickers in buildings.

Fifty social distancing lawn circles have also been installed at Massell, North Quad and Chapels Field.

The campus also features 73 lawn signs reminding community members to wear masks, keep socially distant and complete health assessments. In addition, 600 red floor arrow stickers lead to testing sites, and hundreds of signs detail state indoor occupancy limits and elevator occupancy limits.

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A total of 4,438 have been administered as of Aug. 19. Health officials estimate the university will administer 90,000 tests by the end of the semester.

The average turnaround time for tests is 12 to 48 hours.

Each testing site can administer 120 COVID-19 tests per hour and features more than 60 trained staff.

hygiene graphic about having 250,000 masks and 100,000 ounces of hand sanitizer

Brandeis has purchased more than 250,000 protective masks for essential workers and 100,000 ounces of hand sanitizer for the university community. This is in addition to the many masks and supplies of hand sanitizer individual departments, centers, laboratories, and other groups on campus also have available.

Hand sanitizer stations have also been installed at the entrance of every building and in every classroom.

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The campus features 39 classrooms for hybrid and in-person learning, as well as eight auxiliary tents for learning or dining. 

Three tents have banquet seating, and there are approximately 50 existing outdoor table and chair set ups. 

In addition, the Usdan Student Center will use Levin Ballroom and the International Lounge for overflow seating, while Sherman Dining Hall will make use of Hassenfeld Conference Center for more space as needed.

Crews have removed more than 3,000 pieces of furniture throughout campus to de-densify buildings.

Brandeis owns 7,200 licensed professional Zoom accounts.

class of 2024 graphic regarding 767 students
New to the university community are the 767 members of the class of 2024. Here's a closer look at the class.
class of 2024 geography graphic of students coming from 36 US states and 33 countries

The first-year class hails from 36 U.S. states, the District of Columbia and 33 countries around the world.

Top 10 states represented in the Class of 2024: Massachusetts, New York, California, New Jersey, Florida, Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Georgia.

class of 2024 academic stats graphic on average test scores, high school GPA, and percentage of first generation

The average SAT score for the Class of 2024 is 1401, and the average ACT score is 32. The average high school GPA is 3.97.

Also, 16.4% of the newest Brandeisians are first-generation college students.

Fall classes start Aug. 26 with enhanced health and safety protocols. More information can be found at the Plans for Fall 2020 website.

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