Photos: Here's what COVID-19 pilot testing looked like at Brandeis

Brandeis began piloting its COVID-19 testing program for the university community the week of July 27-31. Here's a look at how it worked.

The testing was conducted in the Shapiro Science Center, but tests will be offered to different cohorts across campus at different sites in coming weeks. The pilot phase will ramp up leading to the start of the academic year, with the number of tests increasing each week.

People wait in line to be tested.
Photo/Mike Lovett
First, asymptomatic students, faculty and staff looking to be tested chose a 30 minute appointment window through an online scheduling portal.
Screenshot of the online scheduling portal.

Upon arrival, those being tested were greeted at a staffed check-in table, where they were given a bar-coded sample tube containing a swab.

A staff person hands a person a test tube
Photo/Mike Lovett

From there, they headed to an open air station where medical personnel guided them in self-collecting a sample with a swab by swirling it around the lower part of each nostril and then securing it in the sample tube.

A person self-administers a test while a nurse provides instruction
Photo/Mike Lovett

After each sample was collected, hand sanitizer was provided and the testing station was thoroughly wiped down.

A person wipes down a testing table
Photo/Mike Lovett

From there, the samples went to a collection table, where they were filed away and boxed for delivery to the Broad Institute to be tested for the presence of COVID-19.

A person puts sample tubes into a box
Photo/Mike Lovett

The whole process to provide a sample took on average less than 5 minutes per person, and results were expected to be available within 24 to 72 hours. 

People walking outside Shapiro Science Center
Photo/Mike Lovett

Once the school year starts, Brandeis will provide free-of-charge testing up to twice-per-week to all community members who live on or regularly come to campus.

Data being entered into a computer
Photo/Mike Lovett

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