Illustration of scientist standing on pieces of molecules

MRSEC wins major new grant from the National Science Foundation

The cutting-edge research center received $18 million to develop the next generation of machines and materials.

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‘Gust off the Glacier’: Prof. Elizabeth Bradfield embarks on a richly creative exploration of Antarctica

Elizabeth Bradfield

Bradfield's “Toward Antarctica” is a collection of poems, prose, footnotes and photographs that focus on Antarctica. More »

Brandeis joins in effort to prohibit enforcement of new immigration guidelines

Close up of Louis Brandeis statue

In a letter to the university community, President Ron Liebowitz said Brandeis would be joining an effort against guidelines from the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Agency that would require many international students to return home. More »

Here’s how Brandeis Library has been supporting teaching and learning

Exterior photo of Brandeis Library

This spring, the library supported 191 courses with 682 titles—a 38 percent increase in courses supported compared to the previous year. More »