Super Bowl bound: WBRS crew will head to Arizona for media week

For the first time in the history of WBRS, Brandeis’ student-run radio station will be participating in NFL’s Super Bowl media week.

WBRS members sit in the group's office
From right to left: members of the WBRS radio station , Kiah Holmstrom ’25, William Kevorkian ’23, Joshua Hertz ’24, Saul Goldstein ’23, and Ellis Zehnder ’23 in the WBRS studio.

Photo Credit: Dan Holmes

By Jack Yuanwei Cheng ’23
January 30, 2023

Each year, sports media from across the country descend on the host city of the Super Bowl the week before the game to interview players and coaches, and discuss the upcoming matchup. Media week is organized by the National Football League, and attendance requires credentials.

William Kevorkian ’23, the sports director at WBRS, made the arrangements to secure passes for WBRS for this year’s media week, which will take place Feb. 6-10 in Phoenix, Arizona.

“I have wanted to do this since last year,” said Kevorkian. So, when the application opened this year, he didn’t hesitate to fill it out on the NFL website. “When I found out that our request for attending the media week was approved, I immediately freaked out, then I told everybody.”

The station has assembled a team of five student journalists to go to Arizona to cover the event.

“We're there to cover the game and the build up to the game and provide content to our listeners,” according to Kevorkian. “We will have the opportunity to speak with players and other professionals freely."

Some members are stepping out of their comfort zone to report on this event. Brandeis isn’t exactly known for its football tradition – it hasn’t had a team since 1960 – so it’s no surprise that some students don’t know the game inside and out. To prepare, Kevorkian, the resident sports expert of the station, will hold a watch party before they leave to learn the basics about football.

“I'm not much of a sports guy myself, so I'm definitely looking forward to learning more,” said Saul Goldstein ’23, the communication director of WBRS.

Kiah Holmstorm ’25, the news director of WBRS, is hoping to land an interview with Super Bowl half-time performer Rihanna so she can ask the pop star when she will release her next album.

“We have been waiting for nine years for that album from Rihanna,” Goldstein said.

The event will also be a great learning opportunity for the team.

“I've had the opportunity to develop my reporting skills here at Brandeis. Being able to apply it in the real world with all professionals is very exciting for me,” says Joshua Hertz ’24, the past sports director of WBRS. The team is also looking forward to networking with reporters and other professionals in the football industry.

The opportunity is sure to present some challenges, and the team is ready to adapt and overcome to provide unique coverage for their listeners.

“We plan to air recorded content throughout the week of February 6 to10, as well as potentially broadcast some of the coverage live,” said Ellis Zehnder ’23, the technical director of WBRS.

The best way to keep up with their coverage in Arizona is through WBRS’ Instagram page and website for when the segments will air. You can listen to WBRS on the radio at FM 100.1 in the Waltham area or on their website.

Jack Yuanwei Cheng '23 is a student writer for the Office of Communications at Brandeis.