Students gather to witness solar eclipse

Students look up toward the sky wearing protective glasses

By Dan Holmes and Gaelen Morse
April 9, 2024

On Monday, April 8, students gathered to catch a glimpse of the total solar eclipse. With their protective eyewear on, hundreds enjoyed this rare event right from the Brandeis campus.

Person wearing eclipse glasses looks toward the sky
Alex Piwowar ’27
Three people wearing protective glasses on the Brandeis campus
Students looks to the sky.
Group of students seated next to the Brandeis statue
Students gather by the Louis Brandeis statue.
Students seated on the grass look up toward the sky wearing eclipse glasses
Person with a box on their head, text reads "‘eclipse viewing machine’ on the side"
A students wears an eclipse viewing device.
Aerial shot of Fellows Garden filled with students
Fellows garden filled with people smiling and enjoying the eclipse
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Drone footage of people enjoying the eclipse on Fellows Garden.