New York Times journalist Natan Odenheimer '15 wins Pulitzer Prize for coverage of Israel

May 16, 2024

Natan Odenheimer ’15, a journalist whose coverage of Israel has been syndicated in major publications throughout the world, is part of a cohort of New York Times staff to receive the 2024 Pulitzer Prize in International Reporting.

The Pulitzer Prize is recognizing the New York Times for its wide-ranging and revelatory coverage of Hamas’ lethal attack in southern Israel on October 7; Israel’s intelligence failures; and the Israeli military’s sweeping, deadly response in Gaza.

Odenheimer co-wrote an article titled “The Day Hamas Came,” which appeared in the New York Times’ December 22, 2023 edition. It is an hour-by-hour account of October 7, and is one of seven pieces the newspaper published that has been recognized for the Pulitzer Prize.