Photos: The Undergraduate Class of 2024 Savors the Moment

With excitement and anticipation in the air, the Class of 2024 participated in their long-awaited Commencement ceremony among friends, family, and mentors.

A group of graduates wearing Commencement attire stand in line, smiling.

Photography by Dan Holmes and Gaelen Morse
May 21, 2024

A graduate smiles as someone helps adjust their cap.
Andrey Gonzalez-Baeza ’24
A large group of graduates walk outside in the rain with umbrellas.
A graduate smiles while wearing funny glasses that spell out the word GRAD.
Ayden Novick ’24
A dog wearing a graduation cap with the words We Did it 2024
A group of graduates stand outside beneath a white tent.
Graduates sit in chairs in Commencement attire at the Commencement ceremony.
Coby Jarrett Mandell stands behind a podium and sings the National Anthem.
Coby Jarrett Mandell ’24 sings the National Anthem
Four students stand together singing.
Ianna Gilbert speaks into a microphone on stage.
Undergraduate Speaker Ianna Gilbert '24
Graduates sit together during Commencement wearing their caps and gowns.
Eden Bobilev ’24
An excited graduate walks across the stage at Commencement waving and holding their diploma.
Jessica Oliveira Bacelar '24
Ken Burns stands on stage behind a podium and speaks into a microphone while giving the undergraduate keynote address.
Documentarian Ken Burns delivers the undergraduate keynote address.
Excited families cheer for their graduates in the audience. Some hold cutout signs with images of their graduates faces.

Some graduates showcased their creative flair and personal style by decorating their mortarboards.

A mortarboard decorated with lots of small graduation caps.
A mortarboard decorated with flowers and the words You're Gonna Go Far
A mortarboard decorated with the words Peace at home, Peace in the world - Kemal Ataturk
A mortarboard decorated with rubber ducks and small animal figurines.

Students also gathered for a few photos ops around campus the week before Commencement.

The backs of three graduates walking across campus on a rainy day in Commencement attire.
Graduates dressed in Commencement attire smile and look at photos on a camera.
Julie Qiu ’24 and Rongji Li ’24
Three graduates dressed in Commencement attire walk together on the Brandeis campus.
A Zun Mo ’24, Sofiia Tarasiuk ’24, and Marisa Lala ’24
A line of graduates dressed in Commencement attire walk over a grassy hill on campus.
A group of graduates dressed in Commencement attire smile and stand next to the Louis Brandeis statue in the rain.