Students admitted to the Class of 2023

The Brandeis University Office of Admissions recognizes that some admitted students may wish to take a deferral year to pursue personal goals before entering the university. Students admitted to Brandeis as first-years may defer enrollment for one full year following the procedure outlined below. 

In order to defer enrollment to Brandeis, students must submit a Deferral Request Form, which will be reviewed by the admissions staff. The Deferral Request Form can be found in your DEISconnect account underneath "Thinking of Taking a Gap year?". Recent examples of reasons for admissions deferral requests included military service obligations, as well as religious and research opportunities.

The admissions office processes deferral requests on a case-by-case basis. Students will be notified in writing regarding the status of their request. If you decide to apply for a deferral of admission, there are several critical factors to note as you enter this process. We suggest that you print this page for future reference.

Request Deadline

The deadline for requesting a deferral is May 15. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jessica Schulman at

Deferral Deposit

Deferring students are required to submit a nonrefundable deferral deposit of $800, in addition to the $500 University Fee. This additional $800 may be paid online or with a check, and it will be credited toward the first semester of tuition. Once the deferral request is reviewed and approved by the Admissions staff, the student will receive a notice via their online account with instructions on how to pay the deferral deposit. The deferral deposit must be received by June 1, 2019.


After the Deferral Request Form and $800 deposit have been received, the student will be notified via their online account that the deferral has been granted. Students will be notified by June 1, 2019.

Students may defer admission for one year only. Those admitted to the Midyear class may only defer to the following Midyear class, which begins in January 2021. No single-semester deferrals will be allowed.  Brandeis is only able to approve deferrals beyond one year for obligatory military service fulfillment. Students wishing to extend their gap year further must reapply for admission.


Students admitted as transfers, Gateway Scholars, visiting students, into the Myra Kraft Transitional Year Program, or admitted from the wait list may not defer enrollment.

Financial Aid

If you have been approved to defer your enrollment by the Office of Admissions, you will not be required to submit the remaining documents required to verify your financial aid eligibility. The Office of Student Financial Services will reach out in the winter with instructions to complete a financial aid application for 2020-2021.

A student who has received a need-based financial aid award must reapply for financial aid for the following year. The CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE, the FAFSA, and copies of student and parent Federal Income Tax Returns will be required. Because eligibility for financial aid is determined each year based on current tax and asset information, a deferring student is not guaranteed the same financial aid award that was offered with admission. If the family financial situation remains the same, however, Brandeis will make every effort to renew the initial award offer.


We regard a deferral of admission as a mutual commitment. We agree to hold a place for you in the class, and you agree to enter Brandeis one year later than your original offer of admission. We expect that you will not apply to other colleges during the year and that you will not enroll at another college as a degree-seeking candidate. We also require that you not hold a deferral at another institution.