A student wearing headphones painting on a canvas

Brandeis offers 43 majors and 51 minors across the full spectrum of academic disciplines — plus a constantly evolving curriculum of interdisciplinary and pre-professional programs.

We believe in empowering students to pursue their passions, engage their interests and center in on their true calling — and the results speak for themselves. Just over half of Brandeis undergraduates pursue two majors or minors, often from completely different areas of the academic spectrum. In building these intentional, complementary knowledge bases, they chart a course toward unique and exciting careers in both traditional and emerging fields.

Your Degree, Your Way

Not sure what you want to study? No problem.

You'll have until the end of sophomore year to declare your major, which means more time to explore your intellectual and professional interests.

You can further tailor your course of study by creating your own Independent Interdisciplinary Major. Or, pursue a dual bachelor's/master's program, or a five-year BA/MA program through the Brandeis International Business School or the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. The possibilities are endless.