Students from home-schooled educational backgrounds are reviewed with the same care and attention to detail as all other applicants.

All home-schooled applicants to Brandeis must submit:

In addition, home-schooled students must provide:

  • Home-school transcript
  • Any transcripts received from other educational post-secondary institutions or the local high school
  • Mid-year report from senior year which includes grades for all classes. For Early Decision I students, first quarter or first trimester grades will fulfill this requirement.
  • Detailed description of the curriculum
  • Information identifying any affiliation with a state or national home-schooling organization
  • Letter of recommendation from a teacher (or person in a "teacher" role)
  • Letter of recommendation from an "administrator" or curriculum adviser
  • A secondary letter of recommendation from an outside teacher if course work was taken beyond the home school or, when not available, from an employer, coach, art instructor or other community leader
  • A supplemental essay describing why the student chose to be home-schooled
  • A graded paper in addition to the personal statement

If possible, Brandeis recommends that home-schooled applicants sit for an interview with a Brandeis representative. Students and families having more specific questions about the requirements for home-schooled applicants are encouraged to contact the Office of Admissions.