Brandeis Graduate Professional Studies

Adjunct Faculty: Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Disease

  • Job Title: Graduate Professional Studies, Adjunct Faculty
  • Course: Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Disease
  • Division: Rabb School, Graduate Professional Studies (GPS)
  • Location: Online

Brandeis University's Graduate Professional Studies (GPS) is looking for an industry leader to teach in our Master of Science in Bioinformatics program. Brandeis University is consistently ranked among the nation's top universities, and our online courses are developed using best practices in online learning. Information about Brandeis University and Graduate Professional Studies Graduate Professional Studies can be found online.

About the Position and Course

RBIF 102: Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Disease

This course covers concepts of classic genetics, from Mendelian inheritance to quantitative and complex traits, associations and population genetics. It addresses the anatomy and function of genomes from humans and model organisms, and how individual components form signaling pathways. Using the Human Genome Projects as an example, sequencing and mapping technologies are covered. Basic sequence analysis methods are introduced, along with techniques to navigate genome browsers and other relevant databases. Cloning and methods for genetic manipulation, including CRISPR, are introduced.


Qualified candidates will have Subject Matter Qualifications in the following areas.

  • Required:
    • Current active employment in the Bioinformatics field, or related industry
    • Knowledgeable in the areas of biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, and immunology.
    • Experience identifying genes related to disease phenotype through mining human genome data and applying classical genetics approaches.
    • Ph.D. in Biological Sciences, with at least two peer-reviewed publications in biological sciences
    • Previous experience teaching a college level course or conducting professional training is preferred but not required.
  • Preferred:
    • Teaching experience; online teaching or learning experience

General Responsibilities

  • For new courses requiring development:
    • Design a syllabus following program chair guidance and the syllabus template
    • Create content that aligns with course outcomes and offers the author's experiences and perspectives on key points
  • For all courses:
    • Develop and deliver the course according to our teaching standards, which include actively facilitating online discussions, providing relevant and timely feedback on student work, reporting grades, and discussing student issues with staff
    • Create or refine and facilitate the course site in the Moodle learning management system

General Skill Requirements

  • General skill requirements include:
    • Strong interpersonal skills when relating to students
    • The ability to communicate effectively in writing, including conveying complex information and promoting in-depth engagement on course topics
    • The ability to devote adequate time to courses, including responding to students and providing meaningful feedback in a timely manner

About the Master of Science in Bioinformatics

Biotechnology and pharmaceutical organizations are increasingly viewing bioinformatics as an integral part of their research processes. As biomedical industries seek to make use of vast amounts of genomic data and produce more complex and accurate biological models, they are relying more and more on bioinformatics' mathematical, statistical, and computational methods.

All GPS Masters courses are 10-weeks long and taught asynchronously in the online learning environment with no set days or times for interaction.

About GPS Faculty

GPS Faculty instructors are active practitioners in the industries that align with our programs and have the professional expertise to bring to course discussions and threads. Instructors are part time and work fully online, with no requirement to appear on campus. Our faculty have earned at least a master's degree with many holding terminal academic degrees and industry-specific credentials. Previous experience teaching online is not required; GPS offers a comprehensive training program for qualified applicants.

How to Apply

GPS welcomes applications for its adjunct faculty pool on an ongoing basis. The application process consists of the online application and, if subject matter qualifications are met, a series of interviews at the discretion of the Program Chair and Director Faculty Operations. Please email Brittany Carr to start the process at