GPS Staff

The staff at Brandeis GPS is dedicated to helping individuals navigate all aspects of our programs — from registration to course selections to degree completion to professional development, and beyond. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Christie Barone
Christie Barone, MS’18
Director of Admissions
781-736-8784 Rabb School

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Shannon McCarthy, MEd
Shannon McCarthy, MEd
Director of Student Services
781-736-3447 Rabb School, 2nd Floor
Ruth Rowell, BS
Ruth Rowell, BS
Lead Admissions and Student Accounts Coordinator
781-736-8786 Rabb School

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Paris Mansoor, BS
Paris Mansoor, BS
Student Advisor
781-736-8733 Rabb School, 2nd Floor
Nicole Russo
Nicole Russo, MA
Assistant Director of Student and Alumni Engagement
781-736-8727 Rabb School, 2nd Floor
Kathryn Wight, BA
Kathryn Wight, BA
Director of Partnership Engagement
781-736-8725 60 Turner Street, 2nd Floor
Adriana D'Agostino, MA
Adriana D'Agostino, MA
Assistant Director of Partnership Engagement
60 Turner Street, 2nd Floor
Brittany Carr
Brittany Carr, BA
Director of Faculty Operations
Rabb School, 1st Floor