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Remembrance of Things Past

What do Fitzgerald, Proust, Heller, Cheever and dime-store novel hero Frank Merriwell have in common? The Special Collections department at Brandeis, which houses fascinating realia that tell fiction’s back stories.

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Detail from a 1902 dime-novel cover, Robert D. Farber University Archives and Special Collections Department, Brandeis University.

The Brandeis Magazine Short-Story Competition

Presenting our contest winner, “Ears,” by Atar Hadari, MFA’94. WEB EXTRA: Read three additional stories selected by our judges as runners-up.

The Mother Lode

Jennifer Gilmore ’92 has written a critically acclaimed novel that explores the pitfalls of trying to adopt a child. It's a painful topic she wishes she didn’t know quite so well.

A Literary Light in the C-Suite

A Q&A with multi-tasking novelist Olaf Olafsson ’85, who hasn’t quit his day job overseeing international and corporate strategy at Time Warner.

The Brandeis Questionnaire

Jon Landau ’68 on his wild and innocent youth at Brandeis and his life today as Bruce Springsteen's manager.