Tracing the Origins of Life

$1 million Keck grant will help chemists explore how living systems emerged from nonliving matter.

Early Marcuse Manuscript Discovered in Brandeis Archives

Early draft of the 1964 classic “One-Dimensional Man” unexpectedly found in the Goldfarb archives.

A Matter of Fact (and Magic)

Researchers attempt to discover the physical rules that govern microscopic systems of active matter.

Watching Molecules Work

A novel light microscope uses lasers to illuminate the behavior of individual molecules.

Close-up photo of a fruit fly with light reflecting off its wings

Drowsy Drosophila Offer Clues to Overeating

Studying sNPF in fruit flies sheds light on the complex relationship between sleeping and eating.

Marder Elected to Institute of Medicine

Eve Marder, the Victor and Gwendolyn Beinfield Professor of Neuroscience, is elected to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies.

A Very Good Vintage

Archaeologists from Brandeis uncover the oldest palatial wine cellar in the Near East, dating to 1700 B.C.