Dorothee Kern in the offices of Relay Therapeutics

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Choreographing a Cancer Treatment

With unstoppable tenacity and funding that surpasses half a billion dollars, biochemist Dorothee Kern believes her new pharmaceutical company can translate what she knows about the movement of protein molecules into drugs that will save lives.

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Sharply lit head shot of Gary Samore

Dean of Diplomacy

Gary Samore, now the head of the Crown Center for Middle East Studies, spent decades as a high-level U.S. nuclear-arms negotiator. He has a few stories to tell.

Line drawing of the globe done with glowing light-blue lines.

Troubleshooting Globalization

As Brandeis International Business School turns 25, it’s way ahead of the pack in understanding the new rules of the global economy.

Head shot of Marta Kauffman

The Brandeis Questionnaire

Marta Kauffman ’78, co-creator of “Friends” and “Grace and Frankie,” is a force for entertainment that’s uplifting yet treacle-free.