New Student Forum tonight features author Rory Stewart

The Places In Between coverThe Helen and Phillip Brecher New Student Forum
7:30pm – 9:30pm
Spingold Theater Center

Author Rory Stewart will discuss his memoir, “The Places in Between,” with members of the class of 2012 at The Helen and Phillip Brecher New Student Forum tonight.  “The Places in Between” chronicles Stewart’s 2002 walk across Afghanistan. During the journey, Stewart encounters a variety of people, from tribal elders and foreign-aid workers to Taliban commanders- as well as one determined dog- that leave a lasting impression. Stewart will talk about the journey’s impact on his life, and answer questions from students. 

This is the sixteenth year of the Helen and Phillip Brecher New Student Forum. The goal of the forum is to bring the entire incoming class together with Brandeis faculty to generate a sense of belonging to a university that is dedicated to humanistic studies. Previous authors to address the forum have included Tobias Wolff, James Carroll and Nancy Kricorian.
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