Anita Hill discusses the presidential race

Says neither Obama nor McCain can alter the status quo in Washington alone

Professor Anita Hill recently spoke to BrandeisNOW with her non-partisan analysis of the 2008 presidential race. “Not since 1992 has a presidential election engendered such a passionate reaction from women voters,” she said. “It's now up to the two male candidates to make sure that those feelings carry into November.”

While she doesn’t feel that either Senators Barack Obama or John McCain can alter the status quo in Washington alone, Hill thinks an Obama administration would be more likely to bring the country together. “His message along with the will and energy of the people behind him will have a better chance of making the changes many people want,” she said.

In the video, Hill also mentions why there won’t be race-neutral coverage of the general election and what it will take for this to truly be a transformative moment in America.

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