Brandeis 2020 Committee

Following is a list of members of the Brandeis 2020 Committee, which is charged with developing a broad plan for restructuring the College of Arts and Sciences to achieve significant cost savings while preserving the university’s academic excellence and unique place in American higher education:


Adam Jaffe, dean of arts and sciences (chair)

Steven Burg, politics

John Burt, English

Peter Conrad, sociology

Susan Dibble, theater arts

Judy Eissenberg, music

Greg Freeze, dean, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Leslie Griffith, biology

Liz Hedstrom, biology

Tim Hickey, computer science

Derek Isaacowitz, psychology

Sarah Lamb, anthropology

Sue Lanser, English

Albion Lawrence, physics

Robin Feuer Miller, German, Russian and Asian languages and literature

Sacha Nelson, biology

Rick Parmentier, anthropology

John Plotz, English

Ibrahim Sundiata, history

Ilan Troen, Near Eastern and Judaic studies


Elaine Wong, senior associate dean, arts and sciences


Jason Gray, undergraduate

Jane Harries, graduate
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