A relief reunion: former dorm mates, now surgeons, reconnect in Haiti

Ruben Cohen '97 and Elie Schochet '97 share their stories and pictures

Dr. Elie Schochet '97 (left) and Dr. Ruben Cohen '97 reunite in Haiti

Dr. Ruben Cohen '97 and Dr. Elie Schochet '97 lived in the same first-year dorm at Brandeis, and they each spent the next four years on the pre-med track. Today, they're both surgeons, practicing in different parts of the country.

Following last month's devastating earthquake in Haiti, each of them decided to volunteer for medical relief efforts there. After not seeing one another since graduation, they had an unexpected reunion on the tarmac in Haiti. Dr. Schochet arrived on the same plane that Dr. Cohen was waiting to take home.

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