Brandeis vegan food eliminated from "Final Four"

Vegan food offerings, survived 'elite 8', then 'Final 4', eliminated by American U.

Put down your fork. It’s all over for Brandeis which came close to being crowned the most vegan friendly small campus in the United States.

Brandeis made it through the ‘Elite 8’ to the ‘Final 4’ in on-line voting, but was eliminated Monday by American University.

According to the playoff chart, what started out as a field of 32 small colleges is now narrowed to two finalists, with American going head-to-head against Northwestern.

The animal rights group PETA sponsored the contest, saying the colleges were judged “based on the quality and quantity of vegan options” and more. The on-line voting required those casting ballots to divulge their contact information to PETA.

True vegans take vegetarianism a step further, shunning all animal products including eggs and dairy, and not wearing leather, fur, silk, wool or down.

The final round of voting ends Nov. 15 with the winner announced on Nov. 19.

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