Midyear, transfer students to arrive Friday

Students to begin weeklong orientation after morning move-in

Photo/Mike Lovett

From left: Midyear Mentors Herbie Rosen, Class of 2011; Julie Judson, Class of 2012; and Todd Kirkland, Class of 2013; write welcome messages on midyear students' doors.

Clutching suitcases and family members, about 160 new Brandeis students will arrive on campus Friday morning.

The group of midyear and transfer students will move into The Village, where they'll help one another acclimate to student life. But students will also reap the benefit of assigned mentors and a weeklong orientation session tailored to their needs.

"The overall goal of this weekend is to welcome all our new students - midyear and transfer - and make them feel comfortable and excited to be here," said Jennifer Abdou, assistant director for orientation.

Students have already been in touch with their Midyear Mentors, who will lead them through orientation and help advise them throughout the semester.

Mentors even provided small, personal touches, like writing welcome messages on each of their mentees' doors before move-in.

"The leaders have gone through training and are fantastic," Abdou said. "They are here to help acclimate students to the Brandeisian way."

In addition to learning the nuts and bolts - like how to set up an e-mail account or transfer credits - students will have the opportunity to participate in a range of activities throughout the weekend. There'll be a values program in which the mentors perform four vignettes and lead a discussion on misuse of alcohol, sexual misconduct, academic integrity and fire safety. Library and Technology Services will conduct a session on Internet privacy. Hillel will host a Shabbat dinner and services. Through the Volunteer Fest, they can even experience their first service project in the Greater Waltham community, working with nonprofits like More Than Words and EPOCH Senior Living.

Students will also get a night out on the town Saturday, learning how easy it is to travel into Boston en route to the long-running whodunit, "Shear Madness."

"The beauty of midyear is that it's a smaller group; it's much more intimate, they get to meet more people, and by the end of the weekend it's like one big family," Abdou said.

Move-in will take place between 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Contact New Student Orientation with any questions or concerns at (781) 736-5074, orientation@brandeis.edu.

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