University Prize Instructorships awarded to five doctoral students

University Prize Instructorships for the 2011-2012 academic year has been awarded to five Graduate School of Arts and Sciences students.

The awards are given to exceptional doctoral candidates who have made substantial progress toward their degree. Each recipient receives a $6,000 stipend to design and teach upper-division courses in their field of research. Enrollment is limited to 20 undergraduate students.

The winners and their courses are below:

  • Clare Hammonds, A Labor of Love: Gender and Care Work in the Contemporary U.S. (SOC), Spring 2011
  • Clara Altman, American Empire: The History of the U.S. Expansion (HIS), Spring 2012
  • Paul Herron, The American Constitutions and Political Conflict (POL), Spring 2012
  • Ieva Jusionyte, Media and Violence: An Anthropological Approach (ANTH), Spring 2012
  • Gilad Harel, Musical Evolution in the Land of Israel (MUS), Fall 2011


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