Rose Museum renovations planned for spring, summer

New systems will improve the environment for art

Photo/Mike Lovett

The original building of the Rose Art Museum will undergo major renovations over the summer in preparation for the celebration of the museum's 50th anniversary next autumn.

The newer Lois Foster Wing will remain open through Reunion Weekend in mid-June and will be accessed through a temporary entrance.

A wide range of changes will be made to the current main entrance area and the immediately adjacent gallery to enhance the appearance of the building, make it more energy efficient and create a better physical environment for works of art, according to Vice President for Planning and Institutional Research Dan Feldman.

Major improvements include:

  • Replacement of the front curtain wall with new, more energy-efficient glass
  • Creation of a vestibule area to better maintain stable interior temperatures
  • Relocation of the current reception desk and entryway wall so that, in Feldman's words, "when you walk in you will really see the museum open before you."
  • Installation of a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system
  • Removal of the shallow pond on the lower level of the building
  • New railing around the main staircase
  • Installation of new ceilings, floors and LED lighting systems

The renovations are being funded with a generous gift from Sandra and Gerald S. Fineberg.

"It's absolutely terrific," said Director of Museum Operations Roy Dawes. "The cleanliness of the lines will enhance the space and our ability to display artwork. The circulation of viewers through the space will be greatly improved and new display opportunities will be created."

Dawes was equally enthusiastic about the mechanical improvements.

"The new HVAC system is desperately needed to improve the environment and protect the artwork...and the pond is always a problem for maintaining the correct humidity," he said.

Dawes said the original building will remain open through this month and the art that is currently on display will be taken down in April. Feldman said renovations will be complete in time for the observance of the 50th anniversary of the Rose's founding in the fall.

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