Special Collections opens exhibition on 'Catch-22'

Sarah Shoemaker, director of the archives, offers a video introduction

Material from the Joseph Heller Collection at Brandeis University is on display in the Archives & Special Collections Department to mark the 50th anniversary of the publication of Heller’s seminal novel 'Catch-22.' The exhibit, which was created by anthropology master's candidate Katherine Morley, includes pages of the original autograph manuscript—showing extensive editing—as well as other drafts, planning materials for the novel, photographs, correspondence from other celebrated authors and more. Come to the Archives & Special Collections exhibit area in Goldfarb Library to see how Heller put together the pieces of his novel, see photos of his World War II bomb squadron, see what Thomas Pynchon and Evelyn Waugh thought of the book and find out the original title to 'Catch-22.'

Categories: Humanities and Social Sciences

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