'Ordinary Mind, Ordinary Day' runs through weekend

Brandeis Theater Company production to run through weekend

The Brandeis Theater Company takes on dark subject matter as its four-day run of “Ordinary Mind, Ordinary Day,” a stage adaptation of four of Virginia Woolf’s short stories, begins Thursday night.

Written by theater professor Adrianne Krstansky and Abigail Killeen, it follows the rich inner life beneath the routines of the characters’ days. They are simple stories, according to Krstansky, who also directs the show with Eve Kagan – a ride on a train, listening to a concert, a walk in the garden – but they explore how the imagination is sparked by the every day.

Krstansky seeks to create theater that brings to life not only the outside world, but also the internal experience of a moment like a catastrophic memory, a passionate longing, a forbidden question or a hidden truth.

“What are the memories and the feelings evoked by looking at a rose in a garden?” Krstansky asks. “The answers will reveal themselves not only through language, but also through image, movement, music and dance.”

Performances will be held in the Laurie Theater in the Spingold Theater Center Thursday through Saturday at 8 p.m., as well as at 2 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

All tickets are $10 for the general public or $5 for the Brandeis community; buy them in person at the Shapiro Campus Center, on the phone at (781) 736-3400 or online.

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