New answer to question of what’s happening on campus

Brandeis public events calendar lets community share, tweet and email events

Today Brandeis is launching a new university events calendar that makes it easier for the campus community and visitors to find out what’s happening around campus, share events with friends, sign up for reminders and add events to their own calendars.

The new campus calendar will replace the myBrandeis calendar, which has served the university since 2001, but which lacks much of the functionality that many students, faculty and staff have grown used to and come to expect. The university will maintain the myBrandeis calendar through the fall semester to ensure a smooth transition.

displays events scheduled through 25Live, the system used to reserve space on campus. Authorized 25Live schedulers create calendar entries once an event is scheduled in the system and details are confirmed. More information about this process can be found on the Add Events to the Calendar page.

Calendar users can view events by day, week or month, and can click on any event title to see more information. From the details page, they can add the event to a personal calendar, email the event to a friend, tweet it to their followers or request an email reminder.

Links to the campus calendar can be found on the Brandeis homepage and on BrandeisNOW.

The calendar being introduced today is a first release and the community can look forward to future enhancements, according to Bill Burger, associate vice president, Communications, and John Unsworth, vice-provost for Library and Technology Services and chief information officer.

“I wouldn’t refer to this as a ‘beta,’ but it’s definitely only the beginning of what we hope to bring to the community over time,” said Burger. “We’re working with the people at 25Live on some functionality we would like to see, and we expect that many more events will be added in the weeks ahead as the community becomes familiar with the new process.”

BrandeisEVENTS is the result of a three-month collaboration among the Office of Communications, Library and Technology Services, and Conference and Events Services, with the support of Student Activities, Athletics and Theater Arts.

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